Simplicity goes far beyond
initial perception*

To achieve purity in design, simplicity must be the pilar throughout the design process.

MA Interaction Design


I'm an Interaction designer with a special interest in the intersection between the physical and digital sphere.

Good design should include solutions that are able to surprise its users positively without bewildering them. Whether it's an interactive installation, an app or a new product, the goal should always be to come up with a solution that is as simple to understand and as easy to use as possible. Complex tasks can be overwhelming and paralyzing, but if we manage to transform complexity into simplicity, these challenges can be overcome.

When working on a project I am detail oriented, a firm believer that the smaller strokes are just as important as the broader ones in order to achieve a good result.

In short, I believe in finding the simplest answer to any challenge. I'd love to hear from you, so please don't hesitate to contact me!



Sven Håkon Voldum

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Designer & Founding partner




Architect assistant

Drap og Design SA

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Master of Industrial Design

Master of Architecture

Oslo School of Architecture and Design

Fiuni School of Architecture+Design

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Board leader & member

Mercedes-Benz Entusiastklubb

Sameiet Sofienberggata 9&11

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Some understanding






System Oriented Design methods

Interaction design (UX, UI + Graphic)

User-oriented design



Adobe Illustrator, InDesign & Photoshop


Ardunino prototyping and coding

HTML, CSS & Java programming


Workshop experience with wood, plastic and metal




Immersive iPad game experience

In Dark Treasure the player controls the game character indirectly. By dragging a finger across the touchscreen a light source is moved around the landscape, which the character is drawn towards and tries to catch up with. The game is set in a dark and eerie world, where the objective is to avoid wolves and deep rivers in the search of the treasure.

Dark Treasure was an intensive project over two weeks, where the task was to create an immersive gaming experience.

Made in collaboration with Jan Anders Ekroll

My role in this project includes Concept development User interactions Sketching Prototyping


Simplified FM-radio

With Raduino we wanted to reduce the radio down to its bare essentials, leaving only the volume and frequency dials present. These also make up the shape of the radio; A large wheel for tuning and a smaller wheel for volume (as well as power switch).

In order to emphasize the neutral appearance of Raduino and avoid any indication of direction, we decided to use Valchromat rather than natural wood. Raduino uses a TEA5767 radio chip in combination with Arduino-components and a 3.5 inch speaker.

Made at Drap og Design SA

My role in this project includes Concept development User interactions Technical development and prototyping Final assembly


Tangible hour management

Conventional hour registration requires the user to leave what they are doing to register them. We wanted to simplify the process and came up with Puncher, which is a physical button connected to a project list and hour management program.

When initiated, Puncher retrieves an updated project list from the server along with their assigned color reference. Turning the top of Puncher alternates between the project colors, and when the correct project is found a simple push on the top starts the clock. When the user is done working with said project, another push stops the clock and the hours are automatically uploaded to an hour management system.

Made at Drap og Design SA

My role in this project includes Concept development User interactions Technical development and prototyping Final assembly


Interactive accoustic dampening

The Dutchman is an interactive installation with sound dampening abilities. It consists of 50+ pieces of 4cm thick natural felt suspended from the glass roof covering the courtyard of Sjøfartsbygningen, which was built to gather all shipping related companies in Oslo under one roof.

The installation shows a stylized sailboat, but only from a specific point just inside the main entrance to the courtyard. Move away from this point, and its individual pieces 'explode' into fragments scattered throughout the room.

Made at Drap og Design SA

My role in this project includes Concept development Visual appearance Prototyping Technical development


Chameleon jacket

Interacket is an interactive jacket to sample color from what the wearer touches. Starting with an analysis of animal interactions, we decided to focus on the 'color absorbing' abilites of certain squid and chameleons.

Using color sensors and LED-strips together with an Arduino, the Interacket replicates color samples by lighting up. This makes for a more striking appearance than the disguising qualities of its inspirational animals, but wearing it is nevertheless an interesting experience both for spectators and wearer.

Made at Drap og Design SA

My role in this project includes Concept development Visual appearance User interactions Prototyping Technical development



Instructions on demand

For my diploma thesis at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design I chose to focus on climate awareness on an individual level. After an extensive research period I narroved it down to batteries and light bulbs, or rather how they are treated once they go bad.

Today's light bulbs have most of its labels and information written on the packaging, which is usually long gone by the time its life runs out. I set out to design clear and positive instructions that would inform the user what they should do with the bulb even if they just gave it a quick glance. The instructions are bright red and black, and drawn straight onto the bulb, maximizing contrast and visibility. To avoid reducing light output, the instructions are made with heat sensitive ink that goes clear above room temperature.

My role in this project includes Research User analysis Concept development Visual appearance User interactions Prototyping